The Challenge stories are a great way for pupils to apply what they have learnt about the civic capacities to help solve real challenges that young people have faced.┬áPlease share your comments below about any exercises/activities you used in the classroom to supplement Imaan’s Story.


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Shaun Townsend

Shaun Townsend says:
25th Feb 2013 at 12:13 pm

Mexborough School
Speak about what you believe in. – Don’t be embarassed
Speak Louder (No mumbling) – Write it down
Don’t Rush – Be Clear
Don’t be scared of people judging you – Be yourself.
Write it down – Don’t be shy
Don’t pretent to be someone you are not – Practice makes perfect
Speak louder and clearly – Don’t be shy
Don’t use bad language.
Think it through – Be loud and clear
Relax – Learn to control your nerves
Believe in what you are saying – Believe in yourself
Try not to make any mistakes – Control what you are saying